Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Urban Mini Smores

In the summer issue of American Girl magazine there is a sweet idea for mini smores.  We tried it with Golden Grahams cereal and carob chips.

Growing up, my household never had Chipit chocolate chips, always carob chips. [Our house was the sort of pantry that never stored Jiffy peanut butter either, always the type of peanut butter from the bulk place - you know the one:  a no-name container with alot of oil on top.  Right next to the peanut butter would be a container of wheat germ.  I was the sort of kid who used to hide my lunch and yearn for Jiffy peanut butter, Chipits, and Cheese wiz.]

These kids don't know what wheat germ is, but they can say acidophillus and smore real fast.

We no longer have a functional microwave (it died in January and we have decided not to replace it), so we popped the smores in the oven on silpat at a low heat.

It's an easy tasty treat that makes everyone smile. 

P.S. they didn't notice the difference with the carob chips.


  1. My roommates in college and I made mini smores with Golden Grahams, and we toasted the mini marshmellows with opened paper clips over a candle flame. The brought back some fun memories.

  2. I can't believe how adorable these are. I've never seen this before!


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