Friday, September 24, 2010

Sewn with Love

My pal spotted these sweet "sewn with love" printable tags offered by Skip to My Lou.  It is nice to add one of these tags to those hand sewn gifts that you don't necessarily want to sew on a label.

I thought the tag was a nice touch on this gift.

This was a drawing case I made for a 6 year old girl. The birthday girl and Lily are in the same ballet school so I used some leftover Angelina Ballerina fabric from the capelet project.  The drawing case is based on Ellen's drawing case tutorial over at The Long Thread (I have made them before and it has become a go-to gift. You can substitute pencil crayons for washable markers or glitter pens or whatever).   

As a future post, I am hoping to do a little recap of hand sewn birthday gifts for girls and boys. 

What are your favourite hand sewn birthday gifts?  Is it more difficult to come up with ideas as kids get older?  It is my impression that it is, but maybe I am wrong.


  1. Super cute! Love the drawing case and the tag. :)

  2. Oh, this is so cute!! I have some leftover Cars fabric, and my son would love this!! The tags are sweet too.

  3. Very cute! And, I agree about sewing for older kids. My oldest is only seven and I'd love to make handmade gifts for her and her friends, but am finding it difficult to come up with things they would like and not find babyish. Sewing for boys is also tricky. Makes me sad as my girls are almost out of that great 2-5 age range!

  4. Nice gift, and I love the tag. I do agree that it's harder to think of DIY gifts for older kids. My own kids are still small, but I don't really know what to make for gifts for older kids when the need arises (like maybe ages 8 and up.)

  5. What a darling gift! I adore the fabric and the tag is just the perfect little add on. Thanks for visiting so I could find you and your kite. There's a great feeling here!

  6. What a fantastic present you've made there, Lily should be thrilled I'm sure. Love the tags too, very stylish.

    Thanks for your comment on the dress I made, you're the only person who picked up on the 'recorder' photo!!

    Kate x


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