Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My First Keds: Sneaker Lacing Board

September brings new challenges.   This month, Miss Lily received her first pair of Keds lace-ups. We decided it was time to move on from velcro (velcro is so handy for rushed mornings, but it's like moving on from a digital watch, you know what I mean?).

To help her practice how to tie her laces, I photographed her new Keds and enlarged the photo to 6X8.  I found a piece of plywood in our {blair witch project}basement and affixed the photo to the plywood after drilling holes in strategic spots.  She was also able to add some pony beads for added interest.  I also added two holes in the top corners in case we want to hang the board on a hook or door knob.

She loves it!  It is a combination of a lacing card and a beading activity.  Two of her favourite projects.


  1. Oh, wow! I LOVE this! And so true the similarity to moving on from a digital watch... Great analogy. I am definitely filing this one away for my daughters. Thanks, KJ! Adorable!

  2. What a great idea and the beads look fab on those gorgeous keds.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful idea! And a great photograph too!

  4. This turned out so cute! Very, very clever.

  5. This is an amazing idea!! I remember putting beads on my keds like that as a kid!

    Thanks for visiting Wingledings, come back again soon! :-)

  6. OOOoooo I love this! It has so many possibilities! (I am thinking glitter!)


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