Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Camera Bag

Wild Calla Lilies, Sea Ranch, California
The other day I received a very kind compliment from a reader about my photos and a query about what's in my camera bag.  I thought I would respond with a post.

I know very little about photography.  I have never taken a course, but here is my basic tool kit and the internet is a wonderful resource for information.

I have owned my Canon EOS Rebel XS for about a year and a half.   Recently, most of my project photos have been using this lens, it is a very affordable lens and it was recommended by a number of bloggers.  Note: this lens has very limited range, but is useful for taking photos of your sewing projects.

I also try to take photos of sewing projects on a piece of white foam core.  I learned from trial and error that most things look best well-ironed and against a white background.  I also intend to create some sort of collapsible light box like this one by the Chic Parisian Chick.

I recently discovered how to change the size of my photos so they appear bigger.  First, I had to change the width of my blog.  Next, on each post, I click "edit HTML" and change each S value from 320 to 600. I learned how to do this by reading this post on Madsen Madness. Now, the photos appear larger.

I am in the market for a better all-purpose lens and I found this post at Kevin and Amanda very informative, maybe you will too.  I have also found Ever Kelly's photography posts and the Pioneer Woman's really useful too.

 I don't know how to use Photoshop.  I use Picasa's free downloadable software for editing. I found out about Picasa from the Centsational Girl, this post was very informative.  Cropping is the blogger's best friend.  I can't say that enough! (I had to grin when a friend sent me this article on Jezbel, "The New Decornographers: Bloggers With Perfect, Beautiful, Craftsy Lives", it's all about how things are cropped).

And of course, you've seen my ruffled camera strap here.

What has blogging taught you about taking better photos?

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  1. LOL I still have more poor photos than great ones, but every know and then I surprise myself. Looking at other bloggers photos I've learned to pay attention to background clutter...and I will admit to trying to co-ordinate my kids clothes sometimes, but I think that comes from my scrapbooking habit, rather than blogging!!

    I left something for you on my blog! Come over to


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