Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Japanese Fabric Message Board

{This project is linked to Funky Junk's SNS #83 all about frames}

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

I hope you all had a good long weekend! We weren't overly creative, but that's okay.  We had one of those staycations - flew a kite (thanks Earl!), stopped by our urban farm, and took in the Royal Ontario Museum's Warrior Emperor and China Terracotta Army Exhibit   (Miss Lily loves Mulan).  As far as home keeping, I was on a major purge trying to sort the girls fall clothes, what fits - what doesn't and getting rid of all the clothes less than 2T.  I managed to get rid of five boxes of clothing.  It felt a little sad going through all those garments remembering moments when they fit (what we did at that very moment and so forth), but once it was boxed up and handed to the families in need it felt good to pass on the goodness. 

Anyway, this is the third chapter in a series about three frames I found at my shop on the side of the road.   The first chapter was about a ribbon holder and the second chapter was about a thread holder.  Sidebar: I'll take this moment to thank the folks over at  Tip Junkie for including the thread holder in their 12 beautiful storage idea round up. Wow!

Okay, onto the message board.    There are tons of message board posts in blogland. It's nothing new, but it is nice to have a message board.  It's one of those quality of life issues: if you can move the clutter off the floor and tables and onto the wall, it must be a great idea, right?

I actually clipped this message board idea from an old issue of InStyle Magazine, mostly because I liked the frame.

The third frame {from the shop on the side of the road} looked very much like the inspiration photo.  It is an unusual lightweight material (not wood). I also found an old office bulletin board (same street, different shop). 

I primed the frame and then chose a dark army green spray paint. I removed the metal frame from the office board and cut the cork to size and added a piece of fabric with a heavy duty stapler.

The frame looks a little bluish in these photos, but it really a dark camoflague and complements the fabric nicely.

The fabric is Kokka (Folk Girl Japanese) purchased via Matatabi's Etsy Shop.  It comes in different colourways.  It is kitsch and Scandinavian and just our style.

School starts this week so this sweet fabric will soon be covered with all sorts of reminders. 
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  1. Love love love the fabric and contrast with the paint in the frame. Fun!

  2. I LOVE the way this project turned out. The colors together are just perfect. What a great way to use some of those larger scale Japanese prints I've been hoarding. ;-)

  3. What an awesome fabric. "Kitsch and scandinavian and just our style" is such a cute way to describe it! And great frame find too :)

  4. Love the color of the frame. And that fabric is too much! So cute. It looks really nice hanging on the wall.

  5. I love the colors in the fabric and the frame color that you chose to go with it! So cute!!!

  6. That frame is gorgeous and I love that fabric. It looks perfect together. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.


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