Monday, September 20, 2010

Granny, what big eyes you have

This is my fourth project for the Creative Maven's September sewing month challenge.

I have posted about my cape fetish before and a little red riding hood cape has been on my to-do list for awhile.  Miss Lily loves the story and is always putting "goodies" in a basket for granny and re-telling the story.  It really a classic tale and it's no wonder kids love it so much - just the right amount of drama and repetition.

Lily's favourite version of the story is from a 1980s board book. It was part of Playmore Publishing's "My Tiny 3-D Book Series" and printed in Japan.  We have a few of these sort of 3D books from my family's library and she loves them all.  The pictures are very unique.
This project came together because my manager had a Christmas table cloth she no longer used and I had  McCall's 2854 on loan from my BFF.   This is the finished project.
I made the size 5-6 pattern and feel it is far too big.  The shoulders are drafted on the wide side so the cape hangs a little large.
There was a basket of goodies as well, but it was well hidden from the wolf (and no I didn't sew it, at $2 from Ikea, why bother - sigh).
The dress she is wearing (peaking out from the first photo) is very interesting. I found it at an east end Toronto Value Village for $4.  It's an original Tostmann Trachten dirndl from Vienna, Austria.   I am dying to know it's story.  I don't think it has been worn and quickly became one of Lily's favourite dresses. 

In case you are interested in Little Red Riding Hood gear, inspiration is alive in blogland.  Here are just a few posts to get you motivated:

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Child-sized capes
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Repurposed capes
Obsessively Stitching turned an oversized Christmas into a toddler-sized cape [I was originally going to use an old felt Christmas tree skirt, but the table cloth fell into my lap (sorry about the pun)].

For the pet (who knew?)
a small lap dog sized no-sew cape over at Niqqi's Blog

You should now be in good hands.  Have a great week! 

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  1. That is gorgeous. Bravo. I don't think it's such a big deal that it's too big because it doesn't look bad, and she can wear it for a long time. I think the length just makes it more dramatic.

  2. The cape is fantastic! And I think just like Jaimie - she can wear it to her heart's content!

  3. Beautiful hood. It goes perfectly with the dress, what a great find. My mother-in-law just gave me an old costume dress made of red velvet and I want to turn it into a red riding hood for my daughter. I'll have to improvise and not use a pattern because it is currently a dress but I'm excited to try it now after seeing this. Victoria,


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