Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family of Owls

Last week, in my haste to de-clutter and moaning that my various stashes had now reached the hoarding point, I tossed a couple of paper rolls into the recycling bin.  Miss Lily called me on it.   With consternation, she scolded, "why are you throwing out our craft supplies?"  She was right. 

I have posted before about paper tube crafts and I am still really attracted to them for kids' crafting projects [and even adults - if you haven't seen these gorgeous tubes you must take a peak!].

So, when I saw Silly Eagle Book's tutorial on creating a family of paper tube owls, I thought it would be an ideal autumn crafting activity for my girls.  The timing was right.  Miss Lily wasn't herself this past weekend (feverish off and on), but had enough energy that she wanted to craft (yeah!). 

When kids are ill and you are cooped indoors being a hoarder comes in handy, so long as it is organized hoarding.   I had just about everything on hand - including those tubes that she stopped me from tossing earlier in the week.

So here is pale face focusing on daddy owl.
And here's our little family of owls.  We thumb-tacked them to a branch.

This is a fun little activity which is easy for the kids and  I was so glad I had everything on hand (hurray for stashes!). The girls were so pleased with the little owl family (which has since moved to our mantel) and it started a very long conversation about owls.  I hope the conversation doesn't end.



  1. They look adorable! I like how you folded the top of the head to make the ears! Also, your feather jar is beautiful! I need to do that instead of using the plastic bag I currently have. :)

  2. Fun! I normally keep a few cardboard rolls around for crafting, too, but some need to be recycled...when that time comes, I always have to be sure to do it on the sly!


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