Monday, September 13, 2010

Creative Guest: Imagination Movers Party for 3 year old boy

What do Elvis and the Imagination Movers have in common?

Today, I asked my BFF to post about a recent Imagination Movers birthday party and a very special handmade gift.

KJ and I have been sewing, crafting and conspiring together for 3+ decades (yikes!). The projects and stories could warrant their own blog. I remember when - circa 1983 - we thought Barbie's fashions could use an update and we sketched some new designs and sent them off to Mattel, confident they would love our take on "harem pants"! Fast forward almost ten years and KJ and I were hard at work at my mom's basement sewing table making KJ's wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.

Growing up, we benefit from the sewing skills and patient instruction of my mom (she even ran sewing class for neighbourhood girls around our basement ping pong table [KJ interrupts: and taught us that a good iron is far more important than the type of sewing machine you own]). This summer, my little guy benefited too.

He is the third of four kids. Things in our house can be busy (to say the least) and getting special attention is a treat. To celebrate his third birthday we hosted a casual dinner with both sets of grandparents and he loved being the centre of attention.   

He enjoyed opening all his lovely gifts, but one in particular was a very big hit. He's a big fan of the Imagination Movers (so am I!). My mom modified this Simplicity Elvis costume by taking in the bell bottoms a little to create his very own movers suit. He calls it his "jumping suit"...I don't know why! She added red grosgrain ribbon down one side and appliquéd a felt gear to the other sleeve.

Originally Gran made his name tag removable (with a safety pin) so that he could interchange it between the suit and a T-shirt she also gave him (for every day wear). But, safety pins and little boys are not always the best combo, so I later Heat 'n Bonded some yellow felt to the suit and added his name in puffy fabric paint. Don't look too closely...fabric paint is tricky to apply to felt!

To top off the gift, Grannie added a Thomas the Tank engine pillow case. This was meant to be special encouragement to get the little guy sleeping in his big boy bed. Success on that front (finally!) and a great use for those licensed prints [that KJ is often tormented about].

We ended the affair with a simple, but special Imagination Movers birthday cake decorated by his big sisters.

I am grateful for these special handmade gifts from Gran and I know my little man is too. It was also wonderful of her to step in during this little "sewing maternity leave" I'm on. I'll be back at it soon.

BFF, thanks for stopping by this Kite and posting about this very special party.  I find it moving how a very special handmade gift can create such special memories.  It also reinforces the fact that most patterns are very basic shapes.  One pattern + the right fabric and a little creativity = endless possibilities.


  1. Genius using the Elvis costume pattern! My daughter loves Imagination Movers. What great gifts!

  2. I loved this post! It reminds me of my BFF and some of our crafting adventures together. Those friends you've had for decades end up with so many (sometimes dangerous) stories! This is such a special gift too.


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