Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Post: Reykjavik

Hallgrimskirkja Church is the tallest building in Iceland
I have been asked to post some photos of my vacation.  This week I will post about Iceland.  When we visited Reykjavik, there was 24 hours of daylight. No joke. 6 am looked the same as noon which looked the same as midnight.

As far as cost, Iceland is probably the most affordable Nordic vacation spot right now and I highly recommend it if you are arranging a stopover to Europe via Iceland Air.  Our three night stay was arranged by the Great Canadian Travel Company.  We stayed a the 4th Floor Hotel which is centrally located.   It was a small hotel and worked out well for the kids.  The rooms were spacious which was surprising having travelled through much of Europe.

I regret not having one more day.  I would have loved to take the kids whale watching or see the Puffin Migration. If your children are older, a number of ranches offer family horseback riding adventures on Icelandic horses.

Anyway, here is the recap.

When I travel, I like to take a few photos of store windows.
silk screened viking
girls' dress with a large bow
love the paisley on this jersery wrap
this one looks easy to make, very Japanese quality to it - love the scarf and pearls
I also like to take photos of craft (no surprise)
Pebbles painted with Icelandic sweaters
Icelandic wool everywhere
Handknitting Association of Iceland Shop Window
KJ at the Handknitting Association of Iceland
Wool neck warmer, safety pin and chain with Swarskoi crystals
(note to self: improve my knitting skills so I can make one)
Sweet felted wool gnomes (I picked up one in pink!)
Felted wool pin cushions on a little cut branch
More vikings 

And now for the best part, Iceland's landscape.  We took the Golden Circle Tour of southern Iceland.

Lots of volcanic rock and glaciers
The majestic Gulfoss waterfall
Miss Lily & cousin Haakon

Þingvellir National Park (this park is a sacred site for Icelanders and is the original site of what is believed to be the oldest existing parliament in the world. You can also see the Great Atlantic rift, a rift that is slowly pulling Iceland apart along tectonic plates).

Miss Lily and auntie Becka
Iceland is an energy-rich country.  Geothermal energy everywhere. All  the hot water has sort of a sulphuric smell about it. 

In the "hot pot" at the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach
and the world famous Blue Lagoon (we did this tour)
The anti-aging properties of my Blue Lagoon facial will not last as long as the memories,


  1. Nice trip kj! I especially like the Vikings.

  2. Great photos. You just totally made me want to go to Iceland!


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