Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Post #2: Bergen, Norway

Last week, I shared some photos of our Iceland stopover.  I hope to post about our actual family reunion in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here are a few photos of our Norway adventure.

After our family reunion, we stayed in central Bergen (west coast of Norway) for five nights.  I really enjoyed checking out the city's craft shops.

Beautiful double fold bias tapes
Wool everywhere
Trims Galore
Dolls in Norwegian dress - inspiration for our doll clothes project
See the nesting doll ?
Traditional Norwegian dress
Bergen (also known as Bryggen) is a port city surrounded by seven mountains and the sea.  The city was pristine. 

Bergen City Centre
A network of ferries zip across the harbour
Bergen city centre
Bergen's famous fish market
just down from the fish market
More fish market, sea food photographs so well
Troll in a Dale of Norway sweater
Enjoying the view from the top of the Fløibanen Funicular
Holding a starfish at the Bergen aquarium
Typical Bergen street, view of the Queen Mary 2 ship in the background
A Norwegian adventure would not be complete without experiencing the majesty of the Fjords. We took the jampacked Norway in a Nutshell tour. A train from Bergent to Voss - a bus to Gudvangen where we boarded a ferry to Flam. From Flam, we took one of the steepest trainrides in the world to make our return to Bergen. 

Gudvangen is situated in the inner Nærøyfjord, which is one of the two Norwegian fjords that have been included on UNESCO´s World Heritage List.
On route, the steepest road in Norway, features 13 curves and 3 waterfalls
The ferry

on route to Flam
Sea birds surrounding the ferry
The Costa Luminosa cruise ship was docked in Flam (Mr. KJ & I did a Costa cruise in 2005. I have a weakness for photos of cruise boats and a Cruise junkie - in another life I will be Edna with the rhinestone glasses playing shuffleboard on the lido deck)

KJ popping her head out [Famous Flam Rail journey]
Klossfossen Waterfall (free fall about 350 feet) 
Notice the fairy center bottom of the last photo? Miss Lily fell asleep during this part of the journey. When we told her what she missed, she didn't seem to mind  - she was already a believer.


  1. I've never been to Norway, but you have me intrigued! Your photos are lovely.

  2. it is so beautiful! maybe someday... what a lovely vacation you are having!

  3. After savoring your post, I can now add Norway to my list of places to visit! We'll have to combine it with the trips to Iceland & Sweden to visit Scott's family! Then I'll have to add Denmark too :) Your photos are just beautiful!


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