Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Travel Wardrobe

For my holiday, I wanted a quick and easy knit skirt which I could stuff in my bag, pull over a swimsuit or leggings.   Patty Young posted a super easy yoga skirt tutorial on the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog.    I didn't have any easy access to any of Patty's new knit line so I went to my local fabric store to see what was on sale.   The fabric I chose is kind of unusual. I chose the fabric because it was on sale and had some navy.   When I travel I tend to pack in navy, white, and khaki.  The fabric was marked down from $19 to $4 so it was a good deal.   After experimenting with various hemming techniques, I decided that a rolled hem would be best and actually went to the Indian Bazaar to have it done.    The seamstress showed me how to use the rolled hem presser foot so I can't wait to try out the technique on my own. Here a couple of photos from my hotel room.

The navy flats are by Bloch .  These flats are perfect for holidays.  They fold up so they can also be stuffed in a bag along with your yoga skirt.  I find that Bloch's flats fit more snugly and provide more "toe coverage" than the Gap's city flat version.
Image via Bloch Giselle Roll Ups

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  1. I love your skirt!Just a perfect thing for travelling!

  2. I need those shoes! They look so comfortable.

  3. I love wearing dresses- especially when traveling. They are so comfortable, and it looks like you tried harder, when in fact, you tried less! The best of both worlds!

  4. Fantastic fabric! Thanks for linking

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