Thursday, August 26, 2010

Routine Cards

September often brings a new routine, especially for children starting school for the first time.

Amy over at Living Locurto recently offered some wonderful free printable morning routine cards.   My sister thought this was a great idea and decided to create some bedtime routine photo cards. You can have your little one act out the routine, snap a photo, print them out with the corresponding text, and clip the photos together using a binder clip.  If you are unable to print photos from your home computer, the photo kiosks at many drugstores (Pharmaplus and Shoppers) and photo labs now allow you to edit your photos to include text.

These photos might also be helpful if mum and/or dad is away for the evening, and a caregiver is taking over during bedtime.

My girls really enjoy seeing photos of themselves. I think this is a great project.  If your child responds well to these sort of photo style cards, you should take a peek at Ikat Bag's Facebook cards to record emotions.  They make me smile,

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  1. Love this! We did this once and it was so fun to make the cards and I think it made a bigger impact for the child to see themselves on the routine cards. fun!


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