Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fifteen Minute Robot Costumes

After Mr. KJ saw my 1979 robot costume, above, he wanted a costume for his musical performance.  Unfortunately, he only told me about thirty minutes before we had to leave for the party.

This is what he got. An Amazon shipping box covered with foil, and red felt circles, and topped with an energy wasting lightbulb.
The "costume" (and I am using the word liberally), was a hit with the kids.  They kept asking why he had a light bulb on his head and wanting to try the "costume" on.    Something so simple (and silly) made such a statement. 

As for Miss Lily's attennae, below, they were made with an old head band, wire, springs, hot glue and yellow pompoms.  In the photo, below, you can see how she cut her bangs herself.

Got 15 minutes?


  1. That was very creative in a just a few minutes! I can just imagine the robot head being a hit.

  2. i love the 1979 robot costume please could you tell how you made it so i can wear it for charity Halloween .ball .. because i am an adult with mild learning disabilities and love dressing up. thank you for your time.


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