Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dollar Store Project: Baby Change Pad from a plastic table cloth

My pal has come up with an interesting project for those plastic table cloths you find in the dollar shop (the sort that are a little more substantial and have fuzzy stuff on the back).

She discovered you could quilt these table cloths and made an attractive extra-large change pad.  Here is how you can make one:

Rotary cutter or scissors
Dollar Store tablecloth as described above
A coordinating fabric (in this case, the IKEA car fabric aka VITAMINER BIL was used in this project)
About 90 inches of coordinating extra large double fold bias tape
Thread & pins
Disappearing ink pen
Sewing machine

You need to cut a 22 inch square (if you wish - round the corners with a plate) of each: a coordinating fabric, batting, and the table cloth. 

Sandwich these squares together with the batting in the middle.  Pin your sandwich so nothing moves.

Next, if you can complete this project before your disappearing ink disappears - draw quilting lines on the table cloth side (the pal used a yardstick and a disappearing pen, but you could use chalk).

Follow all the lines with your sewing machine.   You should be able to get the idea from this closeup.

After you have finished quilting the pad, it is time to bind

You will need about 90 inches of double-fold bias tape, or you could make your own tape.  The folks at Sew 4 Home have put together a good primer on making and attaching bias tape. (My pal finished her tape off by hand for a really clean look, but that is a matter oftaste a personal taste and inclination.)

Stand back and admire your work - until nature calls.

This is a useful project and might be a good one for a beginner sewer as it involves a few different skills.  Bias tape is all the rage, but it does take some practice to make it look neat and tidy.
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  1. That is very smart! A while ago, I spent a couple of hours searching for that vinyl-y fabric and spent way too much money for it. I could have just used a table cloth... hmmm...


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