Monday, August 30, 2010

Camera Strap rhymes with Hemostat, or sort of

The girls and I were on our own this weekend.  On Saturday night, they were fast asleep (they are now 7 sleeps into sharing a bedroom and actually sleeping in it together. For the past 5 years, Lily has slept in our room  - she has always had difficulty sleeping independently and we became a family of somewhat reluctant co-sleepers).  Anyway, I was puttering around on Saturday evening when at 11 pm, I had this sudden urge to cut into my Michael Miller Birds of Norway fabric.

(Image via Michael Miller)
I have had five yards of this fabric for months and have hummed and hawed about what to make with it; however, every time I was about to embark on a project I became too nervous.  On Saturday evening the nerves subsided and I cut.  Anyway, you won't see the larger project today, but with some of the leftovers, I made a camera strap.
For this project, I used the Cottage Home's gathered camera strap tutorial. I really like the weight of this camera strap cover and the tutorial is super easy to follow.

One of my sewing weaknesses is selecting coordinating trims, embellishments, and fabrics (forever in awe of quilting folks). In hindsight, brown thread was probably a poor choice on orange grosgrain because sewing over the ruffles and another three layers is a little bumpy.  Close examination reveals slightly wonky stitching.
If you decide to make any camera strap cover, I highly recommend using fusible fleece. I once made a strap cover without the fleece and I was not pleased with the results.  The cover wrinkled and slipped.  Fusible fleece gives the cover some stability and helps the whole thing stay put.    I have not had any luck finding fusible fleece in the Toronto area, so I am grateful to my pal for picking it up on a state-side Joanne's run.

Here's another tip gleaned from that always so useful Sew 4 Home:  This is my new sewing friend (next to my sitch-ripper and iron).  It's called KJ's Hemostat.  It is great for turning tiny tubes like camera straps. My pal's dad, a physician, had a couple lying around.  It takes some practice, but it is handy for turning tiny straps and even threading your camera strap through the cover.

Happy Monday,

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  1. Love the fabric. Thanks for the fusible fleece tip!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! Great job - your fabric choices are so cute. For those that can't find fusible fleece, I would recommend attaching your ruffle to a piece of regular fleece fabric......that might do the trick!

    Again, awesome job :-) and thanks for linking. Have a great week, Lindsay

  3. New follower. I feel your pain cutting into "special" fabric. I find that I have yards and yards of such fabric, one day, one day. lol


  4. This is adorable! Great Fall colors! I have not seen that tutorial for the gathered camera strap - i definitely need to try that!

    PS, I found your blog through Skip to My Lou's Made By You Mondays.

  5. I've always wanted to make one of these! Thanks for the tut link!

  6. This is beautiful! I love that bright orange strip doing down the middle. Very eye catching.



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