Thursday, July 8, 2010

Repurposed Cupcake Stand

This is a follow up to the cardboard box cupcake tower post.   

This idea may be out there somewhere, but it was new to me.   A couple of weeks ago, Miss Lily was invited to a circus party celebrating the 5th birthday of two close buddies. 

The party cupcakes were presented on a very interesting cupcake stand.

The birthday girl's mum created a cupcake stand out of cardboard cake circles covered with glittery scrapbook paper and two new paint cans. The cans were purchased new for about $1.50. I think you could even use two empty formula or coffee type tins and cover the tin if you wished with pretty paper.

Here is a better peek at the stand after it has been scavenged.  Here is a close up of the birthday girl's stand
 Here is the birthday boy's stand
I thought it was a brilliant, thrifty and resourceful idea. 

Have a lovely day!  It is really steamy where I am.


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