Monday, June 14, 2010

T-Shirt Stash: Kids' Yoga Pants

My sister, AJ, was inspired by this post on Repurposeful about refashioning T-shirts into kids' yoga pants.

AJ took a t-shirt and cut it up using one of my nephew's (age 3.5) existing pants as a pattern.  The bottom hem of the T-shirt becomes the bottom hem of the pants and there are no side seams, only an in-seam.   The red shirt is a second-hand American Eagle, ladies small.

Note: For the version above there is no waistband casing for the elastic.  The elastic is visible (white).  

The next pants were made from a men's small NYPD shirt and have elastic incased.

I wanted to make some World Cup inspired yoga pants for Miss Lily.  She is really interested in the World Cup and the associated gear. 

This France shirt was in my t-shirt stash.
[Mr. KJ threw it in the stash during the 2006 World Cup finals, after the Zidane incident. ]

I used AJ's method with some modifications. The key to this project is figuring out the logo placement on the pants.  I really wanted the logo to run down the leg.   This t-shirt was a men's large, so I had to make some adjustments and could not take advantage of the t-shirt's hem.  Instead, I used four separate pieces (so my version has side seams) and I cut the t-shirt hem off and made it into casing for the waistband elastic.

Updated: here is a photo of Miss Lily in her yoga pants. Don't they look great with mary jane's?

Coincidentally, as a I am drafting this post, I see that Create and Delegate has put together a post on the 12 best t-shirt refashions.  Lots of inspiration there, including a very good tutorial with step-by-step photos by KoJo Designs on comfy lounge pants which uses four separate pieces (e.g. side seams) and a drawstring instead of elastic for the waistband. 

Happy Monday and as always, thanks for checking in! 

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  2. I totally dig the shirts chosen for this!! So stylin;) Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!

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