Friday, June 25, 2010

Nintendo DS Pouch

I am a sucker for any sort of pouch/caddy/organization project - particularily of the fabric variety.

My BFF (who is a mother of four and a sewing hero) just finished a very interesting project for her girls.  For those of you who have older children, you might enjoy this Nintendo DS pouch project.  I understand that these DS systems can be very useful for long road trips.

BFF used a slice of fabric from these pj bottoms [Side bar: I am also guilty of having a drawer full of these babies which were related to a very long hospital stay in 2005]

and put together these pouches using What Katy Did's Nintendo DS pouch tutorial.
The tutorial works very well with coordinating fabrics (in this case the two different PJ bottoms).

I think it is a great repurposing project and very useful. 
Have a lovely weekend! (for those of you in Toronto - G20 weekend).

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  1. Great project!

    Thanks for stopping by Cook Clean Craft, and helping me find your blog!


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