Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day: Neck Tie Refashion and Cuff Links

Ever since I saw this post on Make It and Love It about refashioning a neck tie into a bow tie, I was on a mission to find a suitable tie to refashion. 

I envisioned refashioning a neck tie with an equestrian motif; however, I am came up short. I did find this Yves St. Laurent tie for under a buck at my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop.

It is 100% silk, but a little worn.
I opened the entire tie using a stich ripper and removed the thick interfacing.

For the pattern, I used a combination of this discontinued McCalls Pattern (2241, view D) which I purchased in the late 80s when I used to sew ties for my boyfriends (doesn't the pattern have a Bold and the Beautiful quality to it?).

The pattern is discontinued, but it is listed from time to time on Etsy (the photo above is a Needful Things listing ).  I modified the bowtie strap with the wisdom of Prudent Baby's bow tie pattern and purchase a bow tie clip mechanism for $1.69.

With the remaining scraps from the neck tie, I made some co-ordinating cuff links (as well as a hair accessory - I will show you that project later).
For the cuff link, you need the cuff link base device and covered button set.  I found two pairs of  cuff link bases at a bead shop (Arton) for under $2.  On the covered button, remove the middle wire.  You don't need it and you want your button to lie flat against the cuff link base. 

Make your covered button as you normally would and snap the back closed.  Now, hot glue the covered button to the cuff link base.

Here is the reveal:

Now pal N, my partner in sewing crime, did an amazing transformation of a pink Givenchy neck tie. Here is the after.  She has experimented with many of the blogland patterns and determined that the best way to refashion a designer neck tie is by opening the entire thing up and starting from scratch.
I wish I had taken a before shot.  Sorry Givenchy, but it looks.so.much.better.
As always, thanks for checking in and for more neck tie refashioning, check out the neck tie bunting I blogged about last week.

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  1. Wow, that's a great tie makeover! Love the matching cuff links too!

  2. Very cool!

    I have a link party every mon-thurs for refashions and other things. join us! Make my style mondays.


  3. Love the cuff links! (the tie is pretty cool too) I'm visiting from TRH, hope you visit me too!

  4. What a great idea! So smart!
    Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com

  5. What a great bargain :)
    My husband didn't like wearing any ties at all, so it seems impossible to make one like that
    Btw, I'm visiting from Tea Rose Home

  6. Cool idea! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday!


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