Monday, May 10, 2010

Thrift Shop sewing supplies

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I did!

Posting is a little light today. It's always difficult returning from a road trip (the laundry!) and starting the work week. 

Maybe you know this already, but I wanted to share a tip. 

Places like Value Village are a fantastic source of craft and sewing supplies.  In my last few visits, I have found a hoard of brand new wool, embroidery thread, crochet thread, knitting needles, embroidery hoops, and ... tons of bias tape!  I have even picked up a couple of vintage children's sewing patterns (uncut!).

This is just a small sample of my recent bias tape haul (the cost less than $3.00)

A closeup of the vintage printed bias tape

The next time you are in thrift shop, be sure to take a peak at what sewing supplies they have to offer.

Have a lovely day,

P.S. If you have twenty minutes, there is a great little tote project over at the Purl Bee.

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