Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you to the Academy

I received a couple of sweet awards from three crafty ladies Crafty Mummy, Delilah's Mummy, and A Girl and her Glue Gun.  They all author fabulously creative blogs and you should all take a peek at their slice of life.

Here are 7 random things:

1. What's with the moniker? KJ is a long time nickname from highschool. My blog is ad-free and I need to keep my blog separate from my day job as a litigator.  So that's why I post under this name.

2. Weakness #1: A Tim Horton's Apple Fritter. If I am State side, a Bob Evans Cinnamon Bun.

3. Weakness #2: Young and the Restless.  There I said it.

4. While I have a licence, I haven't driven in a decade.  I am a fan of public transportation - so, was my grandfather.  I took a bus to his funeral.  My kids are used to taking buses and streetcars - but Miss Lily says when she grows up she will be a "driving mummy", just like Sid's mum on Sid the Science Kid.

5. I learned to sew on an old Singer in grade 7.  My dad bought me a Kenmore in grade 8 and I have been using the same machine since.

6. First blog crush?  Probably the Little Green Notebook.  Second: Ikatbag. Her post about the Princess Pavillion is one of my favourite blog posts and I still think about it.  Can you imagine waking up from a nap and finding a pavillion?

7. I like to enter contests.  As newlyweds in university, my husband and I entered a curry recipe in a Kraft Dinner contest.  We called the dish New Delhi Dinner.  We won a pallet of white macaroni and cheese from Kraft (about 60 boxes or so).

The rules require me to pass on these awards to seven other bloggers. 

I read alot of blogs and I try to be very careful to give credit and point out to you bloggers and particular posts that I find inspiring.  As this is the only place where I can bend the rules, I am going to pass this on to two bloggers who I just discovered this weekend.  Maybe I just disqualified myself from the award, oh well.

These posts reminded me of the magic and simplicity of a backyard birthday party. 
Project Project  posted about a sweet robot birthday party for her little girl and Restless Risa posted about a Cowboy Birthday Party for her little guy.

I loved both of these posts.  I think you will find them inspiring too.

Have a great day,


  1. I just discovered your blog as well, and I love it. I am amazed that you are able to be a litigator and still do so many creative things :)

    Thank you for the award!

    I am honored!



  2. Love your blog as well! Some really great projects here. I must admit to being a fan of Y&R as well
    I used to only watch it if I was home on a Friday. Last week I set the DVR to record every episode. I will have to change that, I'm sure, but it's a lovely summer indulgence!

  3. Congrats on your blog awards, you always have fun and interesting projects.


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