Monday, May 24, 2010

Shh!! Fairies Sleeping - Our Fairy Garden Reveal

Check out the competition at the Magic Onions
Finally, the Kite's fairy garden reveal.

The recap:
I posted about the fairies here
I posted about the gnomes here. 
I posted about the furniture here.

For our garden, we used a cedar half barrel (Home Depot).  The barrel cost approximately $20.

The fairy houses were unfinished bird houses from Dollarama.  Miss Lily picked out the shapes she liked.  We took them home and I primed them.  She painted them. I sealed them for outdoors.

I added some moss to the conical one and an old bamboo placemat to embellish the roof of the smaller one.

The plantings are irish moss and alyssum.  The paths are made from pea gravel.

She is one happy little girl.  She has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

   And just remember

Stepping Stone via Green Earth Stores

This has been a fun project.  I am certain we will continue to add to it throughout the summer.  

I have been inspired by so many blogs, especially this post by Junk Mammas to replicate the house; the wise wisdom of Magic Onions, this post on Everything Nice, this post on Sixty-Fifth Avenue, and well just about everything over at Weefolks.

Thanks for sharing the magic and have a lovely day,

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  1. What a fun place to imagine and play with. Lucky girl.

  2. That is waaaaaay cool.
    Giving you a blog award. Please stop by and then pass it on!

  3. so much fun! and I love your gnomes. I'm working on some gnome Christmas orns, redos of some old ones from my childhood. Fun to see yours.

  4. you are so creative! I love it. I'm your newest follower. I found you at sew much ado.

  5. What a fun idea, I never could have come up with soemthing like this!

  6. Oh this turned out so very cute. I'm sure your little one just loves it. All the details really combine to making a wonderful project.

  7. I have seen so many little fairy gardens popping up around the blogosphere and now I want one....maybe I should have some kids first ;)

  8. it is wonderful. a perfect place for playing.
    I think i will have to make one too..we already have a few fairies in our garden (and pretty painted bird houses)

  9. This is ADORABLE!! your daughter looks so happy! They really are magical!

  10. Oh, your daughter is so lucky to have you as a mom! I love the wire chairs very lovely!

  11. I have been working with Fairies and their homes as well....but nothing as intricate as this!! Very inspiring!! Your munchkin must be so happy with it all. :-)

  12. What an adorable idea. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays this week!

  13. So sweet and magical! Your daughter will always remember making this with you!

  14. What a beautiful idea! I wish my mom had thought up all these great things when I was a kidlet.


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