Friday, May 28, 2010

Recital Season: Ballerina Finger puppets

I spotted this ballerina finger puppet idea on Family Fun.

Using cardboard from a yogurt box (you can use any cardboard)

you can make these ballerina finger puppets

The "tulle tutu" is actually the netting from a pearl onion mesh produce bag (yes, I have keep a mesh stash as well).

I added some craft felt for the faces and of course, some googly eyes from my stash (because you read blogs like this I am sure you have a googly eye stash too). 

The leotards were cut out from scrap gift wrap and scrapbook paper.

You can then paint two of your child's fingernails with nail polish for the ballet slippers.

(Yes, there is purple on her forehead.  It is actually a crown - we were face painting earlier in the day!).

I envision creating an entire Nutcracker cast of these puppets.    Think about how much fun you could have with the Mouse King.

I am signing off for the weekend and not certain when I will be back.  I am surrounded by tulle. 

It is recital season and I am working on 8 tutus (each tutu has 6 layers!).   

Have a lovely weekend,

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  1. That is too cute! I think I am going to have my daughter's friends over before recital to make those!!! I love it! I like your writing style too ;)

    I am your newest follower.




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