Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fairy Furniture or Save those Cages

About eight weeks ago, I posted a message on my office's "non-biz" board requesting that people "save their champage cages."  I received a wonderful response.  How does it makes me smile to receive a champage cage in my inbox.

I used this tutorial on Design Sponge to make some bistro chairs for our fairies.

As of today, we have seating for just over a dozen guests. Miss Lily does not think it is sufficient for the fairy wedding which is scheduled to take place on the summer solstice.   

With wedding season coming up and a couple of invites (in addition to a pal who is going to a wedding and intends to supply a bar tender with a plastic bag to snag those cages), I am confident that I will have enough chairs for everyone in the kingdom.

As always, thanks for visiting our slice of life where vets heal unicorns and there is a grand duke on every corner,

P.S. I posted about the wooden fairies here - in case your fairy garden needs a few more.

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  1. Those are so sweet! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I think they'd be great too in a kitchen or on a shelf. Love them!

  2. Thanks you for this write, i m enjoyed thanks you, masko


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