Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twill Tape Week - Mother Goose Hat

It is Twill Tape week over at Crafterhours (how great is that? a week devoted to twill tape - to me that is like a national holiday).

I thought I would share this project I made with a simple twill tape elastic casing.  I call this a Mother Goose hat because I am not exactly certain what else to call it.  A friend of mine said it looked like a shower cap.

The inspiration for this project was the hat below.

Miss Hopie pulled this hat out of the costume trunk at a birthday party last summer and the image has stayed in my mind. For her recent birthday party, I thought I would make a couple plus a doll's version.   Here is my attempt:

The hat requires a circle of fabric: I suggest a circle of eyelet, about 20 inches in diameter.  (The doll's hat, shown above, was about 8 inches, but it really depends on the size of your doll).

Next, you need to apply your bias tape to the perimeter of the circle. You will need about a yard of bias tape (again, this depends on how large your circle is).  I found a neat tartan bias tape.

Now, you need to make a casing for your elastic.  I use twill tape and apply it to the wrong side of the hat about 1.5 inches from the biastape hem.  Leave the ends open so you can thread your elastic through.

Optional: You may want apply lace trim to the outside of the hat, to where your elastic will be.  Do this now.  But be very careful not to stitch it to the twill tape, otherwise you will "close up" the casing which will hold the elastic.

Now the elastic.  The elastic (must be narrow enough to go through the twill tape casing).  I think the best way to do this is to measure the elastic around your child's head to ensure the hat will fit comfortably.  Some children have large heads. My two year old wears hats for four to six year olds.  Actually, both kids have large heads, but I try not think about delivery anymore.

Thread the elastic through the twill tape casing and join the ends. Close up the casing with a few stiches.

To finish off the project, I added some of my twill tape "handmade for you" labels from lillalotta's shop.

So that is my project using twill tape. 

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  1. I think it is just adorable! Great job...I know I couldn't do one :) Thanks for linking up to Ta-dah Tuesday!

  2. I like it! a little revolution era?!
    your daughter and doll seem to really enjoy them, I think it is always cute to make one for each!
    thanks for sharing how you made it.

  3. Love it! I have a whole stash of twill tape that I never dig into...
    We have a friday fun finds party that's still going- we'd love it if you'd link up.


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