Monday, April 12, 2010

Skeleton Key Wall Art

(Tiffany's Trefoil Key Pendant $270)

I love skeleton keys.

Our house was built in 1912.  I found these skeleton keys in our blair witch project basement (ignore the grapefruit spoon).

I recently attended a seminar by Adria Vasil author of The Ecoholic Home.   In her book, she mentions an eco silver cleaning recipe (hotwater, aluminum foil, one tbsp. each of salt and baking soda).  I tried the tonic on the keys (and spoon). Here is the after.
Not bad.
Inspired by the Centsational Girls's DIY approach to this Restoration Hardware piece,

(Image via Restoration Hardware, Key Art $199)

I picked up a shadow box for $2.00 at the Salvation Army

I spray painted the frame black and framed up the keys using scrapbook paper and a glue gun.  Here is the after

If you don't have any skeleton keys in your basement, they are readily available from a number of suppliers on Etsy (search under vintage), or this set of seven is available at Pottery Barn

 Here are a few other images of skeleton keys from around the web that you might enjoy

(Antique Key Linen Pillow Cover- 12x18 via Modernality's Etsy Shop)

(Skeleton Key Clutch, available at Pocketcarnival's Etsy Shop)

Urban outfitters has a couple of bottle opener skeleton keys, here and here.

I am loving these fabric tags

(Skeleton key fabric tags, via Decadence2artbar's Etsy Shop)

Finally, inspired by the Tiffany trefoil, Seleta put a key on a chain and achieved (almost) the same look on a dime.

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  1. I've just got to get my hands on some old keys! Love your shadow box!

  2. The shadow box turned out great! Many moons ago, I framed numerous keys from my grandfather/father's furniture store. I left the store tag on one of them. I always enjoy seeing it. DD2 likes the PB keys. I need to see if they are still offered. Thanks for stopping by AtticMag!


  3. Love the way you displayed the keys. I love their vintage look. Too cute and clever!

  4. Dear K,

    When M and I bought our first house together in 1996, we met the real estate agent and were handed an envelope with two big skeleton keys inside it. We couldn't quite believe that these were the locks that secured the house, but they had worked well enough for fifty years. The silver key in the house worked in all of the interior doors.

    I loved your post, keep them coming...

  5. ohhh myyyy!!! i LOVELOVELOVE Skeleton Keys!!!

    thank you sooooo much for you lovely display &
    incredible ideas!! you are sooo talented :)

    all my Love,

    <3 pink sugah Jiinx~


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