Monday, April 5, 2010

Guest Blog: Baby Shower Idea - Bib Cookies - Make your own cookie cutter

One of my colleagues is pregnant.  For her office shower, my pal V the Baking Barrister brought in a batch of these bib cookies.  I immediately smelled a guest blog post and she agreed (sadly, she does not have her own blog)!

Today, V is going to teach you how to make your own cookie cutter using the metal cutter strip from an aluminum foil box.  After you read this post, I don't think you will throw out an empty aluminum foil box again!

I'm V.  I love to bake, especially cookies.  Cookies make great party favors. They have that personal touch, don’t cost much and won’t end up in a garage sale five years down the line. I’ve been baking Christmas cookies for the last four years and have been using a turtle shaped cookie-cutter to make leaf cookies.

I have since found a better solution to baking cookies in the appropriate shape: make my own cookie-cutter. All you need is an empty aluminum foil box, some aluminum foil and tape.


1. Locate the side of the aluminum foil box with the cutter edge. Cut the whole flap off – including the cardboard attached to the cutter edge. You should now have a rectangular bar that has a pliable side.

2. Tightly wrap aluminum foil around the bar three times (or more if you are worried about how sharp the cutter edge is). You would end up with this:

3. You can now bend the bar into any cookie-cutter shape of your choice. I was making cookies for a colleague's baby shower and ran a “baby shower cookies” search on the internet. I was inspired by the bib cookies on this site.

Tip: make sure you leave some overlap to tape the cutter together. I recommend that you have the end pieces connect at a rounded or straight part of the cutter.

4. Cover the taped area with more aluminum foil.

5. That’s it. Here’s my final cookie cutter:

Which sort of looks like this
(Double Dip Bib via the Land of Nod)

6. When making cookies, press the cutter side down into the cookie dough. The cutter side holds the shape better and may be a bit dangerous if you press down with that side facing up.

7. Ice the cookies to your liking. These were my finished cookies:

Take a step back and admire your work!

Until we meet again,

V the Baking Barrister

Thanks V!  Please come back soon.  You must tell us more about the edible purple flowers in the last pink bib ! 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is the best, most frugal, useful idea I have seen since blogging. I am always looking for cookie cutters that are neutral enough to use again, but that fit the party theme I am working on. THanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. thanks KJ and V for this idea... might you post your icing recipe or suggest a preferred one from the web? Soon I have some birthday favors to make for two boys' classroom parties!

  3. Beautiful cookies KJ and V, and great cookie cutter idea (my foil is running low so I'm going to try this soon).

  4. Very cool, I've been making my own cookie cutters too with this method for a few years, it really is a dream to do instead of spending lots of money on shipping for a unique cookie cutter.

  5. Oh my gosh genius! And thrifty! I love it. Will have to try this to make some unique cutters and not have to spend a small fortune.

  6. That is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are fabulous!! I just love them. I am going to post about them (giving the credit back to both of you of course). I found you from Blue Cricket Designs. What a genius idea. Love them.

  8. Found you through Blue Cricket Design. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these bib cookies! I'm making cookies for a shower in a few weeks and was just going to do onesie cookies, but now I'm adding these bib cookies too! Thanks for the idea and the cookie cutter tutorial!

  9. Ingenious!!! I've often thought about those cutter edges on the foil package...but could never think of how to reuse....thanks for this awesome tip!!

  10. What a cute idea. And they turned out so cute!!! Thanks for linking it up to the Weekend Wrap Up Party!!!


  11. Argh, I think my comment was eaten. This is an awesome idea and I love how you can make whatever you want with them! (The bibs are darling, by the way.) I linked on my weekly roundup - thanks for sharing!

  12.!! Thanks so much for both sharing and linking!

  13. Clever idea on the cookie cutter! The cookies look fabulous!


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