Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Excited and Make Things

One of the things I love about reading blogs is discovering all of the generous and talented people out there.  There are so many people who post their own patterns and printables.  For example, Little Birdie Secret's whimsical French Dress paper garland pattern (pdf file created by Cute As a Fox).  Wouldn't this paper garland look perfect above your sewing machine?

I keep the sewing patterns I intend to make {one day} in this salvaged binder.  Nothing fancy.

You can find the "Get Excited and Make Things" download here.  I printed my copy in clementine. The print also makes another neat gift for someone's sewing space, just frame it up in an expensive Ikea Ribba frame.

If you are the sort who enjoys Keep Calm, Carry On spoofs, you might also enjoy this one.  I gave a copy to my boss.

I don't have a colour printer, so I bring my downloads on a USB key to my local print shop.

Two of my favourite sites to visit for printables are the free paper craft toys at The Toymaker (I keep a stash on hand for rainy day activities) and for myself, the stationary at A Print a Day, such as the sweet Matryoshka Doll Calendar.  I am also grateful for the freebies at Creature Comforts, like the cupcake tags, available here.

Do you have a favourite place to visit for printables and patterns? Do tell!

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  1. Hi! Please let me know if you do anything crafty or special to celebrate Earth Day coming up on April 22nd. It's the 40th Anniversary and I'm looking for inspiration! If you have anything fun I'd love to feature you on my blog :) That goes for anything with a GREEN/environmental theme anyway. You're so creative and your blog is a treat to read. Keep up the great blogging!


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