Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eco Bird Feeder

(Image via Family Fun)
I spotted this bird feeder project on Be Different...Act Normal (via One Pretty Thing).  The instructions for the project are on Family Fun and although you will have to take care of the four sharp cuts, the kids can get involved by  filling the feeder with bird seed using a funnel.

I am a city dweller, but I am blessed to live on a street with mature trees and tons of birds (and not just pigeons!).  We live close to Leslie Spit (an urban bird watchers paradise right in the city) and with the annual migration on right now, 300 species are flying over our backyard.

We made this feeder for our feathered friends who should stop by soon.

The fabric birds are part of an ongoing scrapbuster project.  I've made about seven so far.  The kids like to play with them, but they will eventually be turned into a mobile like this one designed by Anthropologie designers.

If you are interested in busting through your scrap pile, the pattern is available as a generous free download from the crafty folk over at  Spool Sewing, you can find the pattern here.  The birds are a super easy, instant gratification type project.

That's the scoop and as always, I am grateful you stopped by!

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  1. I'm drooling here, nearly everything you are posting about, I want to try!! Those birds are adorable! Your bird feeder, too cute. Denim apron, I want one. I think I could keep busy all year just sifting through your thoughts. Great inspiration!


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