Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Be sure to check out Craft Critique's Earth Day Blog Carnival.  Thanks so much for featuring the Kite's paper tube wreath project!

Now, more kid's stuff.  This is an oldie, but a goodie.  

On the homefront, we are working on a Very Hungry Caterpillar re-enactment.  We used Make and Takes tutorial on growing wheatgrass and planted the wheat berries in egg cartons. The paper egg cartons can get a little soggy so keep them on a tray.  I would also recommend that you soak your wheat berries for about 5-8 hours in water to soften the hard shell - this should assist in speeding up the germination process.  [We used  Hard Red Wheat Berries, but you may able to find some at a bulk barn type place].

and now nearly 5 days old

The eyes are made out of Wasabi peas because I was out of dried beans.
I also made another apron.   

For sometime now, I have wanted to make a denim apron for mucking around outside, park cleanups, etc. I recently borrowed Nathalie Mornu's A is for Apron from the library (side bar: if you love aprons, the book is a must read.  The book is a collaboration of several designers. The cover apron is designed by Erin over at the House on Hill Road.)

(Image via Amazon)

I tried out Jennifer Ramos' market apron at p. 38.  I used this fabric

Plus denim.

Here is the outcome

That's the scoop. 

Wishing you a happy Earth Day with lots of time outside!

P.S. My pal N and I just ordered three yards of this one in canvas.

(Image via The Fabric Depot)

There is a wonderful and novel shopping tote project by Lisa Cox in the new issue of Stitch Magazine (p. 67, 122) and she uses the same fabric.  Can't wait to make it.

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  1. Love your projects, those caterpillas are so cute! My nephews would love makinig those. And your new apron is fabulous! The tree fabric and denim look great together.


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