Friday, March 19, 2010

Yeah, I probably should have been making dinner ... Felt Ravioli & Canada Blooms Sneak Peak

Now here is a little instant gratification project for your little one's play kitchen. 

Miss Lily is at that stage where she likes to learn the names of different varieties of things, for example the different types of pure bred dogs, birds, bulbs, bushes, butterflies, etc.. It's a game we work on.  Right now, we are working on pasta varieties.

(Via De Cecco)

Miss Lily prefers dried pasta over fresh. Specifically, it must be in a blue box plastered with the lady above. So, felt is a small stepping stone towards fresh {as was last week's gnocchi production line.}

Felt Ravioli

Treasures for Tots has a number of easy felt pasta tutorials.  I modified the felt cheese and spinach ravioli tutorial and came up with these. (I sewed my ravioli with embroidery floss and stuffed them with polyfill instead of using a glue gun and cotton balls).  You can whip up a batch of 6 before the water boils.

"One day kids all over the world are going to thank me!"
That's a reference to Chef Boyardee, but perhaps not a well-known reference. I remember it, but it doesn't come up on wiki; interestingly, it is somehow associated with the Godfather, but I don't recall that reference {although the film is one of my favourites - the Caan/Duvall/Pacino/Keaton dream team and that "may your first child be a masculine child" and all that......}.

Before I leave you for the weekend, here is a sneak peak of Canada Blooms.  The show closes Sunday.  I will post more outdoor inspiration through next week.

Until then, have a lovely weekend,

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  1. Hi... I'm Laura from Italy... I also made felt food and I'd like to invite you to visite my blog :D



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