Monday, March 22, 2010

Polar Fleece Corsage

I never know where I might find inspiration.  A couple of weeks ago, while regrouping in the change room at gymnastics {because the little one did not feel like participating anymore}, I noticed a coat hanging on a hook with a super cute fleece corsage.  I took a closer peek.   It was a Corky coat (they are so nice!) and got to thinking.

Given that my pal and I still have a huge bag of polar fleece scraps in our stash {thanks to Snug as a Bug}, I couldn't shake the idea of a polar fleece corsage from my mind. When I "googled" polar fleece corsage, I came across Belle Blossom's shop on Etsy and Stacey Stamp's Daisy Polar Fleece Flower

I used Stacey's pattern as a guide and this is what I came up with.

The bottom layer of 7 circles sits on one circle and then I added another 7 circles.  The circles are the diameter of a Sigg waterbottle which is 3 inches (Stacey's are 2 inches in diameter).  I used a zig zag stitch. The stitching was a little messy so I covered the front with a smaller circle and added another clean circle and a badge pin to the back. I did not use any fabric glue.

I added an acrylic butterfly, well just because.

It's a little smooshed in this shot, but still enjoyed.

Now, can you tell she likes flowers?  Off to church

She is wearing the corsage on her Corky coat (the coat was a gift from a very good friend a couple of years ago and she is still able to use it!).  

The canvas bag was once blank - Miss Lily's kindergarten teacher gave each student their own bag at the beginning of the school year. Miss Lily wanted hers personalized.  No LV here.  I just used an old bandana and appliqued her name on it (I used this tutorial) and the flower on the bag is Heather Bailey's packing flower tutorial, available here.

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  1. Haakon says "Miss. Lily looks beautiful!"

  2. I've been seeing these around...great job! It's so stinkin' cute!

  3. Adorable! My niece is visiting this weekend and this would be the perfect craft to do together. Thanks!


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