Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar, Don't you forget about me

Short interruption from the regular posting. Don't miss my Celtic Cross post below.

Duckie: This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!
-John Hughes, Pretty in Pink

Best dressed: Cameron, Sandra, and Helen.

(images all via the NY Times)

Helen can do no wrong.

I try to keep this blog positive, so I don't do a worst dressed.  See you at the water cooler.

The John Hughes tribute was odd and uncomfortable.  But that's okay.  John Hughes did uncomfortable.

I. love. John Hughes.  One of the best outfits in 80s film...and she sewed it.  Andie Walsh was a sewing hero.

That's the way I see it,

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  1. I didnt see any horrible dresses this year. Kinda sad, cause that's what i look forward to.


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