Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby turns Two

My little one is two today. 

We had a grand celebration this past weekend.

Pizzamaking and smiles.

So much fun

Above, big sister showing how it is done. (I will post a tutorial soon on how to make the Mother Goose hat.) Below, everyone pleased with their efforts.

Below - Baskin Robbins Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream cake (Dora.  Sadly, the cake manager did not know who Mother Goose is. Odd? or sign of the times?)

Happy 2nd birthday Evangeline Hope. I love you little goose, little goose.


  1. I love moments like this, and especially that you do this for your daughter. They are so special, and the love you show them continues on in this blog so that they can see it.
    You must be a proud mama of your 2 girls.
    Thanks for the Bday wishes too, they always hit the spot.
    Enjoy the day;)


  2. Beautiful baby shot, KJ. Happy Birthday to Evangeline Hope.

  3. That actually makes me really sad to know some people don't know who Mother Goose is.
    I will be sure to keep my kids informed! :)


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