Thursday, February 18, 2010

What to do with that old Free Tibet T-Shirt

This was once a  t-shirt that was pretty special, but - almost 20 years later - unwearable.  My pal N cut the face of the white shirt into a 12X12 square and stiffened it with some heavy fusible facing.  She framed the shirt with some black home decor weight fabric.  It is now a throw pillow.  Love it.  

This project has many applications - are you thinking about ways to preserve that early 80s Echo and the Bunneyman shirt deteriorating  in the bottom drawer?  

Instead of a pillow, consider making a T-shirt Quilt from your own shirts or perhaps make a quilt from your kids sport jerseys or their baby onesies. 

I found this example  using university team shirts on Craftzine and this example on Refashioned Threads. 

Personally, I prefer banding each shirt with fabric with a non-jersey fabric, but that is personal choice. 

An intermediate to advanced sewer may want to try this log cabin t-shirt quilt.

(Find the tutorial at Craftstylish)

I am working on a couple of similar projects and hope to have something to report on soon. 

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  1. Perfect timing KJ. Tibetan new year was celebrated this past weekend (in Etobicoke at least). Free Tibet!


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