Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinking about Norway : Dale of Norway Olympic Collection

Norway is on my mind. 

We are planning a family vacation to Norway in July. My sister pointed me to Dale of Norway's 2010 Olympic collection.  Dale of Norway has been around since 1879 and has been Norway's official olympic outfitter since 1956.  The sweaters are pricey, but stunning.

Kids' Bislett IOC Sweater, Image via the Oslo Sweater Shop, $248 USD

Dale aside, if you are in the mood for other "Norwegianfied" gear, Roots' International collection includes a Norwegian Wristlet
Image via Roots Canada ($68 CDN)

And this post would not be complete without mentioning these -

The curling pants are actually golf pants and you can find them at Readygolf.com ["Loudmouth Golf Men's Pant in Dixie" retailing for about $70 USD].

Have a lovely day,

P.S. I just purchased two meters of  Michael Miller's Birds of Norway.  I can't believe I get so excited about fabric.

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  1. How exciting that you're going to Norway!!! I've been spending close to every waking moment planning our epic trip to Europe this summer....France, Belgium, Italy...all in just 1 month. It's just not enough time! We have family in Sweden & Iceland, and I think one day we may do a Northern European cruise - maybe the Disney version for the kids...I'm thinking in 4 years!


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