Friday, February 19, 2010

Liberty of London Preview / McQueen & Country

(Liberty of London Department Store, image from here)

Well those marketing geniuses at Target have now released a teaser on the Liberty of London collection.

In addition to tea pots, neckties, and dresses, can you believe there is a floral print bike for $169?

Here is a preview of the prints.  All from here.  My favourites are the Martha Grace and the Peacock (to my sister in the US did you catch that?).


Martha Grace



Dunclaire Pink

Oprah had an exclusive first look at the collection.  What do you think?
These prints make me crave springtime and pretty dresses.  About 23 days until the collection hits the floors.


Before I sign off for the week, I will leave you with this scarf designed by Alexander McQueen for Liberty.  I admire anyone who loves a needle and thread.  McQueen wasn't "just a designer"; he understood cloth; he was an expert pattern cutter and master tailor; he was both misunderstood and a genius.  Will. Be. Missed.  

And here is Liberty's fitting shop window tribute

Not much more to say.

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