Wednesday, February 3, 2010

High Heat Roast Chicken

(Mr. KJ's Roast Chicken)

We roast a whole chicken most weeks. If we don't pick up a roaster, our butcher wonders if something's up.

Gastrokid's version of the High Heat Roast Chicken is found at page 68 of their book, or here.

We modify the recipe: we stuff the cavity with lemon, rosemary and half a bulb of garlic.  Instead of butter under the skin, we insert slices of goat cheese (the cheese browns quite a bit, i.e. the photo above).

We line our roasting pan with parchment paper.  The bird sits on a wire rack which sits on top of the parchment-lined pan - makes the cleanup is a little easier. 


  1. Me too. It is one of the greatest inventions for the kitchen.


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