Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Danes: Malene Birger

I found this Malene Birger Morva dress at Winners

Via Chameleon Fashions (UK)

For $19 CDN

Feeling pretty good about that. Not about the rest of the week. Just about that.

100% silk.

A little more Malene Birger from around the web.

1. The Supermodel: The always lovely Helena in Malene Birger

Via In Style (love the grey tights - I love grey tights, in fact I collect them)

2. The Malene Birger Knockoff - The Look 4 Less did a neat piece on Malene Birger studded bracelets v. Forever 21.

3. The lady who wears anyone who's anyone: Lady Gaga in a MB Spring 2009 jacket

4. In stores this week:  Elle UK reports that this MB scarf is in stores this week

5. It's not all about the money: Malene is the Danish Ambassador for Unicef. She designs a shirt each year and all the profits go to Unicef. 

That's about it.  I hope you are enjoying the weekend!


  1. Are there any other designer names we should be looking for at Winners? How do you know all of this and manage to keep up your crafting?

  2. Confession: In Style Magazine is the most important literature that comes to the house. It keeps me current because I don't have time to browse. I have a couple of Winners close by and always keep an eye out for Tahari, Max Mara, and Pink Tartan. The higher end Runway lines like Malene Birger, Versace, ... is not at all locations only specific ones, but you can usually find Tahari, etc. at all locations. I never pay full price and if I don't absolutely love it, I say no.


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