Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All you need is love ... blood oranges

I am a citrus fanatic.  I love grapefruits, naval oranges, clementines, lemons, limes, and blood oranges.  Some form of citrus is on the grocery list every week (oddly, I don't drink juice).  By now the clementines at most grocers are now quite iffy.  So, if you are looking for a substitute try blood oranges. Just in time for Valentine's Day and a reason to get the good china out.

I finished another one these scalloped buntings.  This one says "All you need is love."  I wrapped it up and sent it to my sweet nephew for Valentine's Day.  He doesn't read my blog (yet) --- so it's okay for me to share it with you before he sees it.

Happy Ground Hog Day!


  1. Can you share how you put on the letters? I love the idea, but is there hand-stitching involved? It's such a sweet idea!

  2. The letters turned out to be quite easy and involved no stiching. They are essentially felt stickers. I used sticky back adhesive felt called Prestofelt. It comes it 9X12 sheets and should be available at most fabric/hobby shops (e.g. http://www.hobbycosf.com/prestofelt.html )

    I used the kids' fridge magnets as a template, but you could use any font from the computer and enlarge it to the desired size. Trace each letter on to the back paper of the adhesive felt and cut out. Pull the paper off and stick on your bunting. When tracing, make sure your letters are mirror reflection so they look the right way when you stick them on the bunting. Have fun!


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