Friday, January 8, 2010

Valentine's Day - Silhouettes

(Image via karenswhimsy)

When I think of Valentine's Day decor, I immediately think of silhouettes.  I fell in love with this family silhouette portrait months ago, originally seen here and here.

Here are the silhouettes of my girls. I basically used Diane Thompson's tutorial, but mine are made from scrapbook paper, not fabric.

They make me smile.  You can also make smaller versions for cards.  I made a set for the grandparents. 

I had good intentions to make silhouette Christmas ornaments using the Lee Valley's wooden Christmas balls, but I didn't get to it - definitely next year (when my littlest one has more hair!). 

Also, I have not finished a silhouette of my labrador.

See this post for a lovely roundup of silhouette tutorials.  

Finally, I can't write about silhouettes without mentioning the lovely ones found on Nie Nie 's blog header.  You can read about her inspiring story here.

Have a lovely weekend!

(Image via karenwhimsy)

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