Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moved by Serendipity

(Image via Wral)

A few things to say. 

1. It's Wednesday and the day job and my ongoing goal to become a creative and attentive mum have collided.  I just noticed that there is a grey hair peeping through.  Dog and baby vomited, but not at the same time.  One of those weeks.

2. I posted about the OBX and Serendipity last week.  A very swell blogger, the Green CT Realtor (who has just become my friend!) pointed me to Hooked on Houses's post on Serendipity's move.  
Here's the scoop:
For years, Serendipity has been in danger of being washed away due to beach erosion.  The council declared it a "public nuisance" and its been on the market for two years.   New owners, Ben and Debra Huss, came onto the scene and financed the physical move of the house up the beach.  The movers - "Expert House Movers" - (who knew?), are the same outfit who moved the Cape Hatteras lighthouse onto safer ground.  Photos of the move can be found here. 

3. Don't you love a house with a name? I do.  After seeing Grey Gardens, I am once again thinking about a name for our house (other than "Chaos", which is actually the chocolate lab who lives on the corner).   One of my closest friends growing up had a house called "Rocky Ledge".  My grandma's family home in New South Wales is "Wahroonga" - means "our home".

Here are a few of my favourite famous named houses: the Breakers. Stornoway. Graceland. Wuthering Heights. Howards End. Green Gables.  Yasnaya Poliana (Tolstoy's estate - I will post on this in the future). Thornfield Hall. Any property in a Jane Austen novel (Norland Park, etc.).   In Toronto, we live near the "Maple Leaf Cottage."   I love a house with a name.  Best wishes to Serendipity in its new home.


  1. You can't forget Tara - Gone with the Wind.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I love a house with a name too....especially Howard's End (one of my faves!)


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