Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Darling Collection

(Image via ebay)

Miss Lily loves Shirley Temple.  Do you see any resemblance?  Miss Lily had no hair until 2 years old, when suddenly she sprouted fair, curly hair. 

This was last year's Christmas photo.  In 2008, I took my girls on a 17 hour road trip.  In preparation for the trip, I picked up a portable DVD player and a copy of Heidi. I will ALWAYS think back of that trip and think of Miss Lily and Heidi.  She watched it 6 times and memorized the script.... "Clara", "Grandfather"....

 Miss Lily decided our 2008 Christmas card should be based on the film, Heidi.  So there it is. Since then, we have seen so many Shirley Temple films. My gal has encouraged me to explore an entire film era that for some reason I missed:  Little Princess, Baby Take a Bow. Blue Bird, ...

The Little Darling collection is available at Costco for about $58. 18 films and minimal packaging (3 sleeves). Admittedly, a little bit of a splurge, but we love it. 

You may be able to rent a few of the titles through your local library (we did, before a good friend snagged us this set on a Costco run).

Miss Lily's current favourite is Susannah of the Mounties.

P.S. Isn't this Japanese Shirley Temple fabric lovely (available at Emi Craft in Japan's Etsy Shop) ?

Have a lovely day!

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