Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diapers for your child's dolly

Skip to my lou has a number of easy and unique sewing projects and craft ideas for kids.  The dolly diaper tutorial is easy to follow. I made a few for my daughters' Christmas stockings. 

I do not recommend the adhesive velcro you can purchase at the Dollar Store, it ultimately falls off the fabric and if you try to reinforce it with stitching, your need gets gummed up.

I prefer traditional sew-in velcro.   You can also make the diapers adjustable by placing a long piece of velcro in front.

This project is what I call an "instant gratification project." You can use up your [polar fleece] scraps and you can accomplish the project in less than 30 minutes [depending on how many needles you break].


  1. Love it! I could manage this project.
    Looks like baby on right is jealous of baby on left's full head of hair!

  2. That's cause the baby on the left if the Beyonce baby. She's got hair extensions.

    I'm probably going to get a Little Sister in the new year so this will be a perfect craft if my Little Sister is still playing with dollies.


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